Life is Beautiful Festival | Is it Worth Going?

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Here’s one of the Most Exciting Events that happens in Las Vegas only once a year. We’re celebrating Life is Beautiful!

As things are getting back to normal, more and more things are coming back too, such as the very fabulous Life is Beautiful. This is a festival that all ages can enjoy, it’s not as crazy as EDC with its insane into the morning hours, and it’s not as bougie as Coachella so you don’t have to worry too much about what to wear to keep up. This festival is 3 days long, has 6 stages, both popular and new artists, and some amazing local food from the Las Vegas valley that you have to try.

I do want to say thank you to Bud Light for extending me this invitation to Life is Beautiful, they did provide me with 2 VIP wristbands, so I also took the opportunity to show off what a VIP ticket looks like and if it’s worth it. Hope this video convinces you to attend Life is Beautiful next year and every year after that. Enjoy!