Best Vegan Restaurants in Las Vegas

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You have to watch this! Even if you aren’t Vegan…..Here’s the Best Vegan Food in all of Las Vegas! FULLY Vegan restaurants only.

So if you’re from Las Vegas, does that make you a Las Vegan? Lol. Ok but seriously. Vegan diets are becoming more and more common lately, and people are going Vegan as a lifestyle change, or sometimes just to better their health. Now personally I’m not a Vegan, but a lot of my friends are, and we sometimes can’t decide where to eat because they don’t like my “meat-a-tarian” spots lol, and I don’t like their Vegan spots. So now, there’s a happy medium for both. These Vegan spots I’m taking you have awesome food, nonvegans will be fooled. And as a Vegan who might be craving meat, I think this will do.

Now, remember, I am only showing you Fully Vegan restaurants. Today we’re going to Vegenation, The Modern Vegan, Tacotarian, and Pancho’s Vegan Tacos. Hope you enjoy!