Hidden Gem Restaurants in LAS VEGAS

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Shhhh…. Don’t say a word… It’s supposed to be a SECRET!

Ok jk. But for reals, these are some amazing hidden restaurants in Las Vegas. Well more specifically in our Chinatown, but here’s the kicker, none of these are Chinese restaurants. Ok well one of them is Asian. I made this video because I wanted to show you guys some awesome upscale restaurants where you don’t have to spend a whole bunch just to have a nice occasion. I mean compared to the strip, these prices are a steal, and all of these are less than 2 miles away from the Las Vegas Strip. I will be showing you a French restaurant, a modern-fusion American restaurant, and a Japanese restaurant.

If you haven’t heard of them already, we are going to Partage, Sparrow + Wolf, and Kaiseki Yuzu. Enjoy!