Must Try FOOD TRUCKS in Las Vegas

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Here’s to some of the best food in Las Vegas…. on wheels.

Food Truck. Roach Coach. Restaurant on Wheels. Whatever you want to call it, food trucks aren’t new, but for a really long time, they were known to just serve mediocre food, but now, many chefs leave their dull restaurant jobs and go on to buy a food truck to pursue their dreams without anyone telling them what to do, and without having to have a restaurant. Or sometimes aspiring chefs start out with food trucks and eventually move on to restaurants. Food trucks come in all shapes, sizes, and even cuisines. So today I’m going to show you two pizza trucks, a grilled cheese truck, and a taco / Mexican truck.

If you couldn’t guess, it’s Custom Pizza Truck, Izzy’s Pizza Bus, Melter Skelter, and Raging Tacos. Let me know what’s your favorite Vegas Food Truck…..