Best Bars and Lounges in LAS VEGAS

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So before we get started, just know that I am planning to do a Best Rooftops video, later on, I promise. These are lower to the ground lol.

Most everyone that comes to Vegas, comes to drink, so might as well do it somewhere cool. And it doesn’t have to be fancy specifically. These bars and lounges range from casual to upscale, so one of these will for sure be perfect for whatever your occasion is. Besides showing how cool these bars and lounges are, I am also including 1 to 2 cocktails that I recommend from each place. These bars and lounges range anywhere from a casino to a hidden gem of a location.

Please make sure to watch, but I will be taking you to The Chandelier at Cosmopolitan, Vanderpump at Caesars, Star Piano Cocktail Lounge, Fireside at Peppermill, and Parasol Down at Wynn. Hope you enjoy it and please drink responsibly.